Award for Achievement in Historical Preservation

The Old Saybrook Historical Society is pleased to announce the 2020 “Award for Achievement in Historical Preservation” to the First Church of Christ in Saybrook.

Many projects, programs and actions that have and continue to make contributions to historic preservation in the Town of Old Saybrook were reviewed.  The First Church of Christ in Saybrook was selected for its longstanding leadership in historic preservation, stewardship of its facilities, items in its possession and South Green.  We specifically note the recent outside restoration/preservation painting program completed by the church.

The First Church of Christ in Saybrook will be recognized on a plaque in the Town Hall that list recipients of this award.  We will present a memorial plaque  to a representative(s) of the First Church of Christ in Saybrook at the Historical Society’s Annual Meeting October 11 at 3:00 pm in our gardens (rain date October 18).

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