Student Volunteers

The Society, with much assistance from the school system and Youth and Family Services, offers many opportunities for high school students to volunteer. These activities increase their knowledge of Old Saybrook history and aid the Society in continuing its important work.

The program focuses on ways for students to work side by side with members in all facets of the organization from serving as guides to visitors to the Hart House, working in the gardens, assisting in the Archives building or on special projects, such as the celebration of the 375th anniversary of the founding of the Saybrook Colony in 2010.

Students are required to fill out the appropriate application; new students must attend two training sessions and returning students attend one follow-up session; all students are expected to have a desire to learn more about our history and work with others to preserve and share it.

Thank you for all the opportunities. I am so glad that I could help on Saturdays and the other days I came in for tours. It truly is a learning experience in both history and ethics each time I volunteer and I tremendously appreciate it.
~ Joseph Bradley

Volunteering for the Historical Society has given me immense knowledge on the history of Old Saybrook as well as developing skills in public speaking, guiding and teaching. I am forever grateful for the positive influence that the Old Saybrook Historical Society has had on my life.
Kunsang Dorjee

There is something about the Old Saybrook Historical Society that makes it an experience that I will cherish the rest of my life. I’ve spent many hours giving tours and talking to the Society mentors and volunteers who inspire young individuals like me. I found the Historical Society is a place of passion, knowledge and, most importantly, inspiration to value the history around us and for generations to come.
Adam Nucci

The experience of being a student volunteer at the Society increased my pride in the Town where I was born. It made me realize that sharing to knowledge of its history is a duty of its resident and I cannot thank the Society enough for the privilege to do so.
~ Serena Eldredge

I have been a volunteer at the Historical Society since the summer of eighth grade and now, looking back at the people I have met, the information I have learned, and those members and visitors I have helped, I can only say that this experience has been a vital part of my time spent here in Old Saybrook.
This experience has taught me about professionalism, accountability, and has shown me that there is still time for lively, intelligent conversation and debate among the generations of our community. The Old Saybrook Historical Society, wherever I may end up in the future, will forever hold a special place in my heart.
 Jonah Nucci