Colonial Time in Colonial Times

The colonists had left a continent that was replete with libraries, universities, hospitals, cathedrals, public water supplies, paved roads, art museums, and impressive public clocks mounted on cathedral towers and town halls. They immigrated with nothing more than the sundial. Their arrival in the colonies was definitely a step back in timekeeping.


Castle Inn History

This chronology is a composite of numerous magazine and newspaper articles about the Castle Inn and its owners, as well as historical and genealogical records, postcards and photographs. There are a fair number of conflicting stories about the home and its builder. This history tries to clarify some of these stories.


An Old Fashion Wish for You

This is a Christmas card from 2013. The Maynards’ Christmas cards for many years highlighted the history of the Town they loved. We are…

Persimmon Tree

Steve Gershem, of Walden Hill Woodworks, in Guilford and associate Peter Dickerson salvaged the persimmon logs from the wildflower- shade garden, earlier this month.…
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Garden Tour

This is a lovely video which shares a treasure in Old Saybrook: The Old Saybrook Historical Society Herb and Flower Garden. Not only can…

May 1: The Deadly Pequot War Begins

Today in 1637, Connecticut colonists formally declared war against the Pequots, the Native American tribe whose territory covered some 250 square miles in southeastern…