In The Shade of Sayebrooke Fort 1644

IN THE SHADE OF SAYEBROOKE FORT 1644, Elizabeth H. Booth and Anne W. Sweet, 78 pages. Experience life in 1644 through the eyes of a curious child. Learn of the day to day joys, fears, customs and hard work, while you enjoy the familiar interactions of this ordinary family. This is a fictitious story written for children ages 8 through 11. Based upon historical information and real people of the time, this book will be of interest to readers of all ages. Teachers will find it a useful with individual students or in a classroom setting. Sarah is a young girl who along with her brother, baby sister and parents were one of the first families to live in Connecticut’s Saybrook Colony in the mid-seventeenth century. Read of the experiences the family shared, the people they encountered and the way of life during early Colonial days. Price includes Shipping & Handling Limited quantities.

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