Old Saybrook: A Main Street History

New Publication:  Old Saybrook’s Main Street is considered by many to be the quintessential New England town center.  The wide, divided avenue has always been a place to get a coffee, go shopping, worship, vote and volunteer.  And behind the familiar buildings, shops and old houses there is a history that has helped shape this town.  From the humorist who organized his neighbors to buy land to build a town hall, to the Saturday afternoon matinees at the theater, the night-time parade that draws thousands, and the heartwarming account of the shopkeeper who sent penny candy to students with good grades.  Discover the unique buildings, events, people and heritage where history comes alive on Main Street…the core of the community.

“Old Saybrook: A Main Street History” was written by Tedd Levy, with a foreword by Barbara J. Maynard, and is available at the Old Saybrook Historical Society’s Archives Building and its website, saybrookhistory.org.

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