On the Edge of Uncertainty

On the Edge of Uncertainty: The Siege & Battles of Saybrook Point During the Pequot War 1636-1637

The Pequot War was an epic clash of cultures between European settlers and Pequot natives.  This was America’s first planned war against the native peoples…  it was brief and bloody and ended in defeat and devastation of the Pequot and set a pattern for settler and native relations for years come.

And it’s more….  It’s the story of international intrigue and trade, shifting alliances and betrayals, and the story of one man’s struggle to survive and save his small settlement.

Caught in the middle of this conflict is Lion Gardiner, newly arrived in this wilderness and charged with building a fort and laying out a town.  Instead, he and his small band become the unwilling center of English military operations and the target of repeated Pequot attacks.

Until now, we knew very little about the Fort and the sieges that occurred there.  But here- based on years of archaeological and historical research—is this exciting story, until now, of America’s most neglected war.

Author James Powers has examined newly discovered documents and archaeological findings to tell this story in a concise, comprehensive and compelling way.

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